Sonar ensures optimal performance for world leading computer scientists

Accelerated and automated configuration and health check reports drive optimised data centre modernisation

The customer

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world, continually ranked in the global top 10. Research carried out by the community of staff, student and alumni computer scientists at the Department of Computer Science has contributed enormously to society over the years, in areas such as business, transport, environment and health.


At a glance

In preparation for a data centre modernisation project including hardware and an upgrade to VMware vSphere® 6.0, the customer wanted to baseline the existing environment and report on the key configuration items, as well as highlight and address any pre-migration requirements and performance optimisation issues.


The environment

1 vCenter

3 vSphere Hosts

50 Virtual machines


The solution

  • Sonar was deployed to baseline the existing VMware vSphere 5.1 environment, enabling current and future state comparison to minimise risk
  • Rapid data collection and analysis by Sonar allowed the Sonar Configuration and Health Assessment reports to be exported in a matter of minutes
  • Sonar Configuration report provided an automated, documented design of the key configuration items within the existing vSphere infrastructure
  • Sonar Health Assessment report highlighted pre-migration requirements and provided best practice guidance to enable key remedial action to be taken ahead of the actual upgrade to vSphere 6.0


The results

  • The customer was able to modernise their infrastructure with confidence that any pre-migration performance optimisation issues had been identified and addressed
  • Using Sonar full documentation of the new infrastructure design, baselined to the pre-migration environment, was provided and saved a further 2-3 days of work

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