Sonar gives investment company rapid results

Improved system maintenance practices leads to better performance and risk avoidance.

The customer

A medium sized, Europe based company specializing in investment management and corporate advisory for institutional and corporate clients Europe wide.


At a glance

Current state analysis provided an accurate representation of the VMware vSphere® environment. Regular generation and review of Sonar reports have become a key part of standard maintenance procedures.


The environment

1 vCenter

4 vSphere Hosts

50 Virtual machines


The solution

Sonar was deployed to automatically collect and analyse the data across the environment.

  • A vSphere Health Assessment was run to provide a point by point analysis of the virtual infrastructure
  • Rapid data collection and analysis – 14 minutes from start to completion of the Health Assessment Report
  • An infrastructure baseline was delivered via a vSphere Configuration report
  • Ongoing vSphere Health Assessments inform standard maintenance procedures


The results

  • The customer has increased visibility and an accurate representation of their environment
  • The information within the Sonar reports have enabled the customer to improve their system maintenance practises leading to better performance and risk avoidance
  • Decisions relating to resource requirements, allocation and performance tuning have been informed by Sonar insights

Customer Feedback

“To manually gather the comprehensive data presented in the Sonar reports would be just too time consuming to be practically possible, making Sonar an invaluable resource of information”.

Andrew Keywood, CTO, Aticus

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