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Introducing a powerful SaaS operations analytics tool to help rapidly optimize your vSphere environment, with a comprehensive analysis report, powered by Sonar.

Sonar Discovery is a free evaluation assessment which rapidly analyzes key components of your virtual infrastructure, assessing capacity, health, performance to help you:

  • Maximize resource efficiency with detailed capacity assessments across compute, storage and network
  • Enhance proactive health management, surfacing hidden issues and repeat offenders
  • Baseline workloads, assess configuration drift and right-sizing opportunities
  • Centralize intelligence from all your vSphere environments into one place and gain new valuable insights for fast, accurate, decision-making

IT Ops Analytics (ITOA) benefits

Sonar is the first ITOA tool which focusses on practical analytics to lower TCO, and achieve new levels of smart information accessibility.

  • Enable the move from issue resolution to issue prevention, while enhancing change planning and management reporting
  • Improve system quality management, reducing reactive issues through improved performance and availability
  • Significantly extend the capabilities of vSphere with context-rich information and zero overhead
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Sonar Discovery = fast, flexible (and free)

Sonar is simple to activate, allowing you to gain insights in as little as 10 minutes, and you can run it as many times as you like across unlimited numbers of hosts and VMs

How it works

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Create a Sonar account. Download and install the Sonar Agent


Set up a connection to your vCenter(s)


Run the free Discovery report from your Sonar Portal

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