Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sonar?

Sonar is a cloud based automated analytics and reporting service for virtual infrastructure. It delivers best practice management guidance through concise on-demand reports with actionable insights. Sonar consists of two key elements: a lightweight, secure client (“Sonar client”) and a web-based portal.

How does Sonar Work?

After you deploy the Sonar client to your environment, it collects, encrypts and streams operational metadata to the Sonar platform where you can run pre-made reports and analytics packages. No data leaves your environment without being anonymised and secured.

How do I buy Sonar?

Sonar is sold through authorized Sonar resellers. You can request a quote from a Sonar reseller via the Sonar website


Do we need to deploy any code or an appliance?

There is a small 50MB agent that needs to be installed from the Sonar web portal. This process is fully documented in our QuickStart guide and QuickStart video. Once completed you can then uninstall the agent.

Does anything besides the Sonar client have to be installed?

The Microsoft .Net 4.5 framework is required. A full installation checklist can be found in the user manual, located in the Downloads section of the Sonar portal.

Can the Sonar client be set up to use a proxy?

The client does not support a proxy configuration at this time.

Data Collection

What data does Sonar collect?

A copy of selected configuration and performance metadata are collected from VMware vCenter including VMs hosts, clusters, resource pools, data stores and networks and uploaded to the Sonar cloud

Where is the data stored?

The data is stored temporarily in the Sonar cloud (hosted by Azure) and automatically deleted once the report has been created. No ongoing data is collected or stored by the service without customer agreement.

What data is stored in the cloud?

Once a report has been completed, Sonar instantly and automatically removes the uploaded vCenter data residing on the Sonar platform. The only data Sonar retains are your reports which you can download and/or delete from the portal at any time and anonymized statistics.

Data Security

Is data secured for streaming to Sonar

Yes. Once the data has been collected it is compressed, password protected and encrypted using AES 256bit encryption. The upload to the portal is performed over SSL.

Does the Sonar web platform communicate with or send data down to the Sonar client?

No. The Sonar platform does not push any data down to the Sonar client for reasons of data security. When the Sonar client is launched, it performs a standard check with the portal to see if there is an updated version of the client and notifies the user if there is one.

How is data secured once it is received by Sonar?

Audited controls and limited access policies are in place for the Sonar platform. vCenter Metadata is deleted as soon as a report has been generated.

What is Sonar’s role in relation to our data?

You are the controller of your content. We will process your content only as a processor on your behalf, for the purposes set out in the Agreement. We do not access your content without your consent unless required by law. We will not divulge your content to any third party, unless permitted under this Privacy Addendum or required by law.

Data Privacy

Who has access to my data once it’s on the Sonar platform?

Only you, or someone you invite to your Sonar account can view and run reports against your data. We maintain appropriate technical and organizational measures (administrative, physical and technical safeguards) for protection of the Sonar infrastructure.

Is any of my data shared with anyone?

Only you can give access to your data by inviting new users to your account or by engaging a third party and explicitly providing access to your data. This access is read-only or to run analytics against the data − never to manipulate the data. You have the ability to grant or revoke visibility permissions and can remove access permission at any time. Please also refer to the Sonar Privacy Policy

Does Sonar use my data in any way other than for my own use?

Non individually-identifiable data may be queried by Sonar to provide system-wide analytics (such as comparing health assessment statistics), but is never shared with any third party.

What do you do with my data once a report has been processed?

Once a report has been completed, Sonar instantly and automatically removes the uploaded vCenter metadata residing on the Sonar platform. The only data Sonar retains are your reports which you can download and/or delete from the portal at any time.

Do you back up my reports?

Reports stored on the Sonar platform are backed up daily for disaster recovery only, and the backups are encrypted using AES 256bit encryption and transferred using SSL. Customers are responsible for management and offline storage of their own reports, and no recovery SLAs, RPOs, RTOs or individual report recovery services are provided.

What are our compliance requirements to use Sonar?

You represent and warrant to us that (i) you will comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws with respect to your processing of your content; (ii) you will comply with all data processing registration or notification requirements to which you are subject under applicable law; and (iii) you will ensure that you have obtained (or will obtain) all consents and rights necessary for us to process your content in accordance with this Privacy Addendum.

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