New version of Sonar - now with Report Scheduling

July 2017

The Sonar team are pleased to announce a major update to Sonar, the analytics and reporting service for vSphere. This new version includes the following release highlights:

Report Scheduling: a great new feature to schedule Sonar reports to run in the future – weekly, monthly, annually, or on specific dates of your choosing.
Using a simple but effective Schedule Report wizard, users can select the Sonar report(s), select the people they would like to be notified when the report is ready, and choose the day/date/time the report should run.

Sonar Scheduling

Requesting immediate reports: the steps to run a Sonar report immediately have been streamlined with a new Run Report wizard to provide a simple and consistent UI with the Scheduling Wizard.

Sonar Agent Checker: a new tool to help users install and configure Sonar which checks if certain minimum requirements and configurations have been met. This helps avoid simple issues like firewall problems preventing successful set up of Sonar.

Agent Checker

This new version of Sonar continues the team’s dedication to innovate and improve the user experience, effectiveness and efficiency of the Sonar service.

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