Sonar Super-visionTM

Solve the challenge of IT visibility

Sonar Super-vision ensures automated delivery of critical vSphere information to a wider audience

What is Super-vision?

Sonar Super-vision is a best practice implementation and management framework to put your data to work and help you gain the most from Sonar.

Within an organisation there is a constant lifecycle of moving parts and parallel workstreams delivering maintenance and change. Sonar continually addresses these needs and challenges across a wide spectrum of activities from baselining to management reporting. Analytics are tuned to use cases so that audiences across the IT organisation can easily consume them.

How does it work?

Each Sonar assessment is categorized by key focus area (resolution, prevention, planning, reporting), use case (capacity, performance, configuration), and ITSM role group (support & maintenance, operations management senior management) to guide effective information flow and distribution. A recommended baseline schedule delivers a managed plan, while analytics can be accessed on-demand as needed.

Sonar Super-vision for VMware vSphere

Right information, right time, right team

This is an example of a fast and easy-to-configure Super-vision template that delivers the right information about your environment to whoever in your organization needs it, when they need it.

We know all businesses are different, so you can customise it to suit you in less than 10 minutes. What could be easier?

Sonar Super-vision Diagram


Automated report creation and delivery

Sonar automatically collects just the data it needs, processes it, then delivers the finished report. No time lag, and no waiting in a queue.

Fully customizable scheduling

Send one report to many people or many reports to a single individual. Automate the information flow to suit your organisation.

Individual or team notification

Send one report to many people or many reports to a single individual. Automate the information flow to suit your organisation.

Set and forget vSphere management

Once your own Super-vision template is set up it will do all the work, freeing up your teams to be even more productive.


Key areas where Super-vision automated reporting delivers exceptional everyday vSphere management:

Health Checks

Health checks

Including security analysis and best practice configuration recommendations.

Capacity Analysis

Capacity analysis

All vSphere components including hosts, storage, network, licensing and VMs.

Upgrade and Maintenance plans

Upgrade and maintenance plans

Critical environment management, regular resource optimization and issue prevention.

Performance Assessments

Performance assessments

Solving resource contention and load-balancing issues.

Issue reports

Issue reports

Enabling faster fix for hidden issues and repeat offenders.



Comprehensive vSphere architecture documentation for unrivalled visibility and prevention of configuration drift.

Super-vision video

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Sample report

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